Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I read the material but was unable to take the test.  What is the problem?

Answer:  In order to take the test, you must first register.  If you are a returning visitor and have registered, you must log in to be able to take the test.

Question:  I was unable to print my certificate.  What are my options?

Answer:  You have several options.  You may contact us by email and explain the problem that you encountered in order for us to assist you in printing the certificate from your computer.  We can email a copy of the certificate for you to print, or if you would like a mailed copy, you may request that one be mailed to you by providing us with your mailing address.

Question:  What is your policy for cancellations/refunds?

Answer:  Please email us with your reason for requesting a cancellation or refund.  We will review your request and notify you of our decision and the basis for the decision.  If the request involves an error on our part, we will be happy to issue a refund within a reasonable amount of time.

Question:  How many times may I take the test?

Answer:  There are an unlimited amount of test retakes after payment is made.

Question:  How do I make a formal complaint?

Answer:  You may email us with your complaint.  Please be as specific as possible about the problem, when it occurred, and how you would prefer to have it resolved.  We will evaluate your concern as soon as we receive your email and respond as quickly as possible.  All efforts will be made to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.

Question:  How do I suggest topics for future courses?

Answer:  We welcome all topic suggestions that you have and encourage you to email us with the courses you need or would like to take.  These can be required courses (such as Ethics), topics that are relevant to your current work, or simply topics that you would like to know more about.  Most of us enjoy learning new techniques and online education is a more cost-effective way to do this than most face-to-face workshops.  Please email us with your suggestions.  If the requested topic meets with NBCC approval and Advanced Clinical Training Institute's policy, we should be able to offer a course in that area within a few weeks or months of your request.

Question:  What courses do you currently offer?

Answer:  We offer courses in a variety of areas and are adding new courses in different areas periodically. Currently we have twenty-four courses in different areas. You can find the link to our course catalog on our homepage. A current list of our courses are as follows: Psychotherapeutic Medications; NBCC Code of Ethics; Journaling; Ethical Standards in Counseling; Enhancing Motivation for Change; Substance Abuse among Older Adults; Depressive Symptoms in Substance Abuse; Co-Occuring Disorders; PTSD: A Brief Overview; Schizophrenia; Bipolar Disorder; Approaches to Drug Abuse Counsling; Brief Family Therapy; Domestic Violence; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Mental Health Medications; HIPAA Compliance; Anger Management; Depression: A Brief Overview; Anxiety Disorders; Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships; The Depressed Female; The Angry Client. We are steady working on new course development to fit your continuing education needs. < br />

Question:  How often are new courses added?

Answer:  We are continually adding new courses for continuing your education. Due to the variation in the length of courses and the research/writing time involved, some may be added more quickly than others.  Please check our site periodically for new courses.

Question:  Am I allowed to print the Test Worksheet prior to reading the course material?

Answer:  We allow and encourage students to print the Worksheet prior to reading the course material.  We find the Worksheet to be an integral part of the learning process.  It familiarizes the student with the salient points that will be covered in the course.  It helps to solidify the information in the mind of the student as the information is reinforced by repetition (it is seen initially on the Worksheet, again during the reading of the material, and lastly when the test is being taken).  Students are also encouraged to keep the worksheet with the correct answers for use in referring to the information in the future.

Question:  What boards approve your courses?

Answer:  We are currently approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates, Inc. (NBCC).

Question:  Am I allowed to read the course material from your site without actually taking the test?

Answer:  Actually, we encourage you to do this.  We can never have too much knowledge in our field and most of us like to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, medications, and therapeutic information available.  You are welcome to read any or all of our courses at any time, at no charge (until you take the test for credit hours).

Question:  How do I contact someone with a problem, concern, or question?

Answer:  You may contact us by email at or by calling (251) 978-2790.  We welcome all of your questions and encourage you to bring any problems to our attention as soon as possible.