Description: This course is essential for professionals working in the field of mental health and/or substance abuse. The course familiarizes the clinician with the definitions, terms, and classifications for substance abuse and presents information on the prevalence and types of co-occurring disorders encountered within this population. Means of effective assessment and keys to successful programming are presented, as well as strategies for working with clients with co-occurring disorders. Medications that are appropriate in treating clients with co-occurring disorders are addressed. Course objectives: 1. Identify co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders within the client population. 2. Understand the interaction of the two disorders in terms of presentation of symptoms. 3. Identify appropriate screening and assessment tools for co-occurring disorders. 4. Develop keys to successful programming for clients with co-occurring disorders. 5. Develop strategies for working with clients with co-occurring disorders. 6. Identify medications used to treat the disorders.
Hours: 40
Fees: $120.00