Description: This course is based on the premise that families are systems that are made up of individuals who are responsive to each other’s behaviors. In working with families, many therapists find themselves having difficulty directing the therapy process. They may tend to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information obtained while observing family interactions. They may also have difficulty engaging all family members in treatment. Due to the amount of data obtained, they may have difficulty developing treatment goals involving brief and successful interventions. This course is designed to address the process of interaction that is occurring within the family system and develop effective treatment goals directed at moving this process in a positive direction. This course is helpful for the novice or for the seasoned therapist. It is designed to primarily address families with adolescent substance abuse issues, however, the knowledge gained can be generalized to all family systems. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 1. Understand the role of the family in providing a context within which adolescent and family problems occur. 2. Assess and diagnose maladaptive patterns of family interaction. 3. Identify ways of engaging families in treatment to bring about effective change. 4. Identify ways to overcome resistance to treatment. 5. Identify strategies for effective conflict resolution in family therapy.
Hours: 9
Fees: $27.00