Description: This course describes the effects of domestic violence on the batterer and on the survivor. It presents the role that substance abuse plays in incidents of domestic violence. The course presents ways to effectively elicit information involving domestic violence from clients and ways to structure treatment in order to enhance the victim’s safety and stop the cycle of violence for the abuser and the victim. The course is useful for therapists working with clients who are not substance abusers, as well. Course objectives: 1. Understand domestic violence and the way it impacts both batterers and survivors. 2. Understand the role of substance abuse in domestic violence. 3. Learn techniques to detect and elicit information on domestic violence from clients. 4. Learn techniques to modify treatment to ensure victim’s safety and stop the cycle of violence in both parties’ lives. 5. Understand confidential and legal issues related to domestic violence and substance abuse.
Hours: 14
Fees: $42.00