Description: This is an invaluable course for therapists and clinicians in all fields and settings, because few treatment providers will be exempt from compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. It is imperative that all treatment providers are aware of how the HIPAA Privacy Rule affects them as individual practitioners and how it affects the organization in which they work. This course provides the clinician with facts on client information that is protected, principles for use and disclosures of protected health information, rights involving access to records, proper storage and maintenance of records, and laws and penalties for noncompliance with regulations. Course Objectives: 1. Understand who is covered by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. 2. Identify information that is protected by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. 3. Understand uses and disclosures of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. 4. Identify enforcement and penalties for noncompliance.
Hours: 2
Fees: $6.00