Description: This is an excellent course for the novice or the seasoned professional. It provides practical information that can be utilized in any treatment setting. Because alcohol use is prevalent in many clients who present for therapy or exists in the family structure of clients in therapy, it is imperative that therapists have a good working knowledge of techniques to screen for alcohol problems, assess the level of severity, and provide interventions that are brief and effective. This course supplies information on treatments that are effective when the client is present for the sessions as well as effective treatment strategies when the client is not present for therapy. It is a useful course for clinicians who specialize in mental health issues, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. Course Objectives: 1. Identify alcohol problems in intimate relationships and family relationships. 2. Utilize tools to conduct effective screening to assess for alcohol problems. 3. Identify appropriate levels of treatment (e.g., outpatient, residential, inpatient) for each client. 4. Provide brief interventions for alcohol problems when the drinker is present. 5. Provide brief interventions for alcohol problems when the drinker is not present. 6. Identify effective treatment modalities for alcohol problems.
Hours: 5
Fees: $15.00